Counselling & Psychotherapy Anna Sousa, MA, RP, RCAT, C.Hyp.


Uncover a more peaceful life

EVIDENCED BASED modalites: EFT, CBT, Solution focused, psychodynamic, art therapy, Narrative therapy.

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, unmotivated, helpless or hopeless?

Is there an event in your life that prevents you from enjoyment, peace, or calm?

The answers may be hidden from you and with some outside help, may become obvious and available. With compassionate listening and problem solving, the light of awareness shines through. Psychotherapy can help uncover the blocks to a more peaceful life.....in a sense help to “polish the mirror” of awareness.


An expressive therapy that improves well-being

IMAGES STORED in the unconscious can offer visual representation of how the mind has stored past experiences. Colors, shapes, space can offer understanding and healing. Playing with art materials can give the inner child a voice.

Art therapy is not about making pictures or creating a masterpiece. It is about the therapeutic use of art. This means that art materials and paper are used "as language". Free association is then used to make meaning out of what has been created on the paper.

Art therapy is useful for accessing unconscious feelings and events that the conscious mind is not aware of, but that are causing anxiety and distress in the present. Past experiences are often brought to the surface where they can be transformed and managed. Art therapy can help when "talk" therapy is no longer useful.


Between Child and Parent

Parent/child dyad art therapy is used to strengthen attachment ties which help regulate emotion and ultimately, behaviour in children. Children who display maladaptive behaviours such as anxiety, aggression, non-compliance and depression can benefit from this art therapy intervention.

What I can help with: Relationship difficulties with children; Maladaptive behaviours in children- aggression, bullying, non-compliance, anxiety, depression.


Anger can hide inner feelings of jealousy, sadness, guilt and low-confidence

By exploring triggers, one may gain awareness of what contributes to the expression of anger.

Topics covered include: Triggers : thoughts, feelings and perceptions that can cause anger; Recognizing body responses that precede anger; Psycho-education around the brain and how it functions when the fight/flight response is activated; Solutions to dealing wtih anger- awareness of "critical moment"; Managing and communicating feelings; Communication tools; Self care


One of the oldest forms of therapy

Hypnosis promotes acceptance, minimizes avoidance, to create relaxation and focus.

Hypnosis is considered one of the oldest forms of therapy for the alleviation of distress. Through the use of inductions, a client can access unconscious material and change the outcome. Suggestions given to the unconscious create a new reality that had previously been difficult to accomplish.

Hypnosis can be used together with CBT and other treatment strategies.